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Dry skin Hair & Body Skincare tips

Oil for the skin

Highly effective oils are essential for all rich and smoothing beauty products. Especially mature skin can benefit from oils, because with increasing age, the skin becomes dryer and loses tension. Oils are able to strengthen the skin barrier and to prevent the skin from…

Dry skin Skincare special care tips

Apply a mask!

Of course, you clean and care for your skin every day. But how often do you give it the time to visibly recover and regenerate? With active ingredients that make your skin more beautiful and healthier? Give your skin more attention – by applying…

Dry skin Skincare

Essential oils

Almost everybody has already used essential oils. Most people use them for fragrance lamps, but they can do a lot more. Essential oils have a pleasant and integral effect on your physical and mental well-being. Only one drop contains a very high impact potential.…