Blemish Balm BB Cream

Corrective special moisturizer, non-tinted, for oily skin.

The texture with panthenol and bisabolol calms irritated and reddened skin. Especially developed for irritated, large-pored and impure skin. Helps redness and impurities to subside more quickly and the texture leaves the complexion looking clear and faultless without make-up effect.
Blemish Balm is the original by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik and the basis for the so-called “BB Cream” trends which has been adapted by other well-known brands. Our original BB Cream has a soft matting effect and leaves a pleasant, non-greasy skin feeling. Also available in 3 different colour shades.

There are many BB Creams, but only one Blemish Balm - The Original!

30 ml

Beauty-Tip: Ideal for very light skin and for men – no make-up effect!

Effective ingredients:

Zinc oxide: anti-inflammatory, covering
Titanium dioxide: concealing, protecting
Liquorice root: anti-inflammatory, brightening
Panthenol: moisturizing, soothing