Sensitive Set

This exclusive set includes 3 products for sensitive skin which care in a gentle way. Redness and irritations are soothed, skin barrier is strengthened. Redness and feelings of tension are reduced and the moisture content of the skin increases effectively. The set is ideal for sampling the products, as a small gift or for travelling.

50 ml Super Soft Cleanser
50 ml Herbal Care Lotion
15 ml Sensiderm Stress Protect Cream


Travel-Tip: Allowed for hand luggage in airplanes

Effective ingredients: 

Calendula (an ingredient in Super Soft Cleanser): supports skin processes, calming
Yarrow extract (an ingredient in Herbal Care Lotion): helps to reduce skin sensitivity
Defensil® (an ingredient in Sensiderm Stress Protect Cream): -step-protection system for very sensitive skin, contains balloon vine (Cardiospermum halicacabum) and echium oi