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Responsibility starts with us.

More than 60 years ago, Christine Schrammek, the founder of our company, was personally committed to working for people and the environment around them. With great commitment, she has supported numerous projects and ideas.

Today, we also live for this motivation with what we do. We take responsibility in many areas which also forms part of our corporate philosophy. It is particularly important for us is to act sustainably -wherever possible-, to support local projects in the region, and also to take targeted action in the event of current events and crises.

From production to recycling – we give our best for you and our environment.


A sustainable and responsible use of our resources is self-evident for us. We therefore attach great importance to purposefully manufacturing in order to avoid unnecessary waste disposal. Raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (kba quality) and from sustainable projects are used for manufacturing. Our products do not contain any parabens, PEG derivatives, mineral oil or microplastics!

Of course we refrain from animal testing – by the way: approx. 90% of all our products are even suitable for vegans.

We manage most of the work digital & do without printouts as far as possible.

Most employees
come by train.

We bring nature into the city – with our bee garden on the roof.

All locations are powered
by green electricity.

We use paper or recyclable films as filling material in packages.


Glass jars instead of plastic jars? Sounds logical at first. But glass jars are much less sustainable than plastic, both in terms of production and recycling. The production of glass requires an enormous amount of energy in the form of high temperatures. Disposable glass is melted down again after use – and temperatures of approx. 1000ºC are necessary for this. In addition, the increased weight during transport leads to a worse overall balance than with plastic containers. Therefore we work together with our suppliers on a constantly growing recycling percentage for our jars and tubes.

Much more important is the correct recycling cycle. Everyone can contribute to sustainability: The primary containers (tubes, jars) should always be disposed of in the yellow bin/bag, the folding boxes in the waste paper so that they can be optimally recycled. Speaking of folding boxes: Even here we attach great importance to sustainability. That’s why they are made from FSC Mix paper and not refined with lamination.

The most important thing for us in case of doubt is product quality as well as safety and protection for products and users. Here we do not compromise, but actively seek solutions that combine sustainability and our product philosophy for the long term.

derma.cosmetics model Mareen


Recycling is an important factor in reducing greenhouse gases and thus makes a decisive contribution to climate protection. Since 2001, the Green Dot has annually drawn up the overall environmental balance sheet, which scientifically documents the effect of recycling on climate protection and is audited by IFEU Heidelberg.

By participating in the dual system for the recovery of sales packaging, we have avoided a large amount of C02. The amount of C02 saved at CO₂ corresponds roughly to the amount generated when 240 people travel by train from Düsseldorf to Schwerin and back (determined via ecopassenger.org).

More than 5 years ago we completely abandoned plastic bags and introduced FSC-Mix certified paper bags.

We have recently decided not to add plastic spatulas to almost all our products, saving more than 1 million spatulas a year.

All our packages are shipped with DHL and UPS in Germany through the corresponding programs CO2-neutrally.

Social Engagement

At Dr. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik, we associate corporate responsibility with the preservation and appreciation of human and natural resources, far beyond the legal requirements.  With small and large projects, we want to help where help is needed. We support social projects in Germany and in disaster areas. In addition to our core projects, such as the support of the local Don Bosco Club, the organisation Doctors Without Borders and from 2020 Kiva, there are many small projects in which we are involved. To name just a few, we have given patients of local hospitals free cosmetic treatments, supported Aktion Lichtblicke e.V. and donated for the help where natural disasters took place, such as the earthquake in Nepal. Of course, many more projects will follow!

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