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    Skin consultation at the click of a mouse

    A glimpse to the future Another year with many challenges, marked by a long lockdown in the first half of the year, is coming to an end. The many restrictions have motivated us to further expand our digital service offering. We are constantly working to optimise the experience of our skin care products on digital channels as well. Because during the lockdown, it was simply not possible to expand one’s own skin care routine with a professional consultation in the…

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  • Up to date

    Hybrid cosmetics

    What is hidden behind the trending term? Every year we encounter many new trends in society, business, culture, and lifestyle and we always ask ourselves the questions: What is behind that name? Is this…

  • Life & Style

    Living in the jungle

    With these tips you can create that jungle feeling within your very own four walls! It’s getting green(er) in our homes – after years of minimalist, Scandinavian interior trends, exotic house-plants are celebrating their…

  • derma.cosmetics

    Power care for men

    Fast and convenient! The days when men were content with soap and water are long gone. Cosmetics for men are no longer “unmanly” and facial care has become a normal part of the daily…

  • Basics

    Consultation hour with Christina Drusio

    Today: Beauty tips from the doc! As a specialist in dermatology and venereology, Christina Drusio brings the latest impulses to the development of medically inspired care products. This time, the interview series is about…

  • Life & Style

    Let‘s go Veggie!

    Enjoy every day without meat! The selection of plant-based foods has increased tremendously. Vegetables, salads, but also nuts, seeds and grains can be wonderfully used and combined in the kitchen. Products made from them,…

  • Glow Make up

    Glowing like the sun

    Discover our glowy Make Up special! Especially in spring and summer, we want a radiant complexion that looks fresh and healthy. Naturalness is the motto here! A natural look should skilfully emphasise and highlight…

  • Clearing Face Tonic

    Bye, bye impure skin

    The new Clearing Face Tonic! Large pores, shiny skin, blackheads, and pimples. Problems that produce impure skin affect an extraordinary number of people worldwide. Blemished skin is based on an overproduction of the sebaceous…

  • Sensiderm-Eyebalm

    All eyes on eye care

    The new Sensiderm Eye Balm for sensitive skin Our eyes are a true marvel. Through them we visually perceive the world around us and at the same time use them, to communicate with the…

  • Basics

    Consultation hours with Christina Drusio

    Today: All about Acne! As a specialist in dermatology and venereology, Christina Drusio brings valuable impulses to the development of medically inspired care products. In the interview series “Consultation Hour”, the topic this time…