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Glowing like the sun

Glow Make up

Discover our glowy Make Up special! Especially in spring and summer, we want a radiant complexion that looks fresh and healthy. Naturalness is the motto here! A natural look should skilfully emphasise and highlight beauty – but not look overdone. Therefore, light textures and delicate shades are ideal and provide a wonderfully healthy, fresh glow. In our step-by-step guide, we show you how to glow with the sun. Step 1: Preparation The first step is to prepare your skin with…

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Skincare for men

Male skin needs care Just a few years ago, the words ‘cosmetics’ or ‘skincare’ caused for men either a huge question mark or even a derogatory head-shaking. A few ‘real’ men refused strictly to consider face care at all. Cosmetical skincare would be unmanly…


Skincare in summer

Skirts are getting shorter and winter jackets disappear in the furthest corner of the wardrobe. In terms of clothing, we all adapt quickly to the new season. However, what is so obviously at this point is unfortunately not working that smoothly when it comes…

Beauty Tips

Tips for beautiful, thick and long eyelashes

If women have one thing in common, it is the dream of filled, thick and especially long eyelashes. They give our eyes a wonderful expression and are the epitome of femininity. By now, there are numerous possibilities to intensify the look: from lash extensions…


Cosmetics & Allergies

The number of people suffering from allergies has grown steadily over the last decades. Around 13 million Germans suffer from allergies – with rising tendency. Allergies are e.g. reactions of the skin (contact eczema) or the airway (e.g. hay fever). With allergic reactions of…


Oil for the skin

Highly effective oils are essential for all rich and smoothing beauty products. Especially mature skin can benefit from oils, because with increasing age, the skin becomes dryer and loses tension. Oils are able to strengthen the skin barrier and to prevent the skin from…


Aloe Vera – the all-rounder for beauty and health

Not many plants are such all-round talents as the Aloe Vera. In the medical as well as in the cosmetic field, Aloe Vera is used with pleasure. But why is this plant so popular? What effect does it have and what is it used…


Summer legs – fast help/tips for tanned legs

We waited a long time for it and now it is finally here, the summer. Now it is time to exchange the long jeans with shorts and skirts. But like every year, we realize with horror that our legs do not look like summer…


Beauty Countdown – Beautiful for wedding

It is time again, the wedding season is in full progress. For many of you it only takes a few months or even weeks before it is getting serious. The most important things like choosing the date and place as well as sending out…


Apply a mask!

Of course, you clean and care for your skin every day. But how often do you give it the time to visibly recover and regenerate? With active ingredients that make your skin more beautiful and healthier? Give your skin more attention – by applying…