Aloe Vera – the all-rounder for beauty and health

Not many plants are such all-round talents as the Aloe Vera. In the medical as well as in the cosmetic field, Aloe Vera is used with pleasure. But why is this plant so popular? What effect does it have and what is it used for?

We dared to take a look into its inside, analysed its history and tell you what makes it so special.

Aloe Vera belongs to the family of xanthorrhoeaceae and is assigned to the ingredient class of natural plant extracts. In the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients) list, the name of the Aloe Vera – also called desert lily – is for example Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder or Extract or Water.

The history

The Aloe Vera plant or rather the real Aloe (Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller) is one of the undisputed queen of medicinal plants. Humans have relied on this plant for thousands of years now. Especially with skin and burn injuries such as sunburn, with fungal infestation, stomach disorders and festering ulcers. From early on, botanists knew the diverse (among others) soothing properties of Aloe Vera. The valuable plant sap is still considered as the undisputed, natural “first aid ingredient”. Records of the 4th century before Christ have already proven the usage of Aloe Vera for medical and cosmetic purposes. The plant was already extremely popular also with Hildegard von Bingen (12th century) and Paracelsus (16th century) among others. Hildegard von Bingen was popular for her skills in the field of herbal medicine and made a great contribution of connecting traditional knowledge about diseases and plants with the knowledge of folk medicine. But also Paracelsus – a Swiss Austrian doctor, had an extremely comprehensive knowledge about medical plants. His healing successes were legendary.

Mode of effect

Due to the strong effect of the Aloe Vera, it can be considered as “pharmacy in a plant”. Its natural, wound healing effect and usage is sufficiently popular for centuries. Besides its famous strongly moisturizing effect (every single leaf can store up to one litre of moisture inside!), Aloe Vera also has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. In combination with the additional hydrating effect, the ingredient is especially recommended for the use with sensitive skin. Moisture supply and calming of sensitive or stressed skin (e.g. sunburn) are proven cosmetic effects. It has been proven that aloe gel reduces itchiness, is anti-inflammatory, vitalizing and moisture preserving. Serums, gels, ointments (salves) and masks with extracts of the versatile desert plant are commonly offered in cosmetics and medical skin care.

Aloe Vera gels are perfectly suitable for calming and moistening the skin. Moreover, the valuable ingredients are used for the treatments of sunburns and mosquito bites and it is perfectly suitable as a cooling gel after epilation. In the cosmetics industry, this ingredient is used as a freeze-dried, white powder (also available as a special concentrated formula).


What’s interesting about this plant is its natural exceptional combination of ingredients. The interaction between mono- and polysaccharides, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, etc. requires the exceptional effect. There are more than 200 active ingredients discovered in Aloe Vera gel. However, no single ingredient on its own is responsible for the exceptional effect. The effect arises only through a synergistic effect of all ingredients.

“Together we are strong” is the motto that applies here.

  • Amino acids: skin moisturizing
  • Enzymes: remain on the skin, split biopolymers into their skin moisturizing components
  • Minerals: help to catalyse cellular functions and speed up the skin’s own protective function
  • Phytosterols: cell-generating and anti-inflammatory
  • Polysaccharides: moisturizing and calming
  • Vitamins: support the cellular functions and have a vitalizing effect
  • Growth factors: cell-generating and stimulating
  • Salicylic acid: anti-inflammatory


You will also find the great effect of the Aloe Vera plant in our AloCalm Gel Mask! Besides highly concentrated Aloe Vera, the mask additionally contains hyaluronic acid and panthenol. This awesome combination of ingredients cares and supplies the skin especially after extraordinary burdens and is suitable for every skin type – even impure skin.

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