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Power care for men

Fast and convenient! The days when men were content with soap and water are long gone. Cosmetics for men are no longer “unmanly” and facial care has become a normal part of the daily routine. It must be simple and yet effective! After the successful launch of our Hydro Power Fluid, we are now supplementing our range in the derma.cosmetics MEN series with a correspondingly coordinated 2-in-1cleansing product for face and body! The new Power Face + Body Wash is…

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Clearing Face Tonic

Bye, bye impure skin

The new Clearing Face Tonic! Large pores, shiny skin, blackheads, and pimples. Problems that produce impure skin affect an extraordinary number of people worldwide. Blemished skin is based on an overproduction of the sebaceous glands which often results in an oily sheen. Due to…


All eyes on eye care

The new Sensiderm Eye Balm for sensitive skin Our eyes are a true marvel. Through them we visually perceive the world around us and at the same time use them, to communicate with the outside world. They transport emotions, give us personal expression and…


Skin has many faces

A perfect complexion and flawless skin – that’s what many people want. The Original Blemish Balm has been a great success for many decades and has inspired tens of thousands of users. The problem solver fights and covers impurities, balances redness, refines the skin…


Ampoules in cosmetics

 Concentrated active ingredients with a simple application Ampoules are quick and effective problem solvers. They contain highly concentrated active ingredients and are adapted to different skin types. It doesn’t matter whether impure, oily, dry skin or skin lacking energy – the market of cosmetic…