Power care for men

Fast and convenient!

The days when men were content with soap and water are long gone. Cosmetics for men are no longer “unmanly” and facial care has become a normal part of the daily routine.

It must be simple and yet effective!

After the successful launch of our Hydro Power Fluid, we are now supplementing our range in the derma.cosmetics MEN series with a correspondingly coordinated 2-in-1cleansing product for face and body!

The new Power Face + Body Wash is extremely refreshing and, with Menthol, Zinc, Panthenol and Birch Extract, not only awakens and vitalises, but also provides valuable moisture even during cleansing. The effective freshness kick with the popular scent of the Hydro Power Fluid frees the skin and pores from grease (sebum) and dirt and thus prevents impurities. The skin appears clarified, powerful, and revitalised.

Excursion Beauty Experts: Questions like “Do I really need cleansing? Isn’t just water enough?” prove that there is still a need for explanation. An example of a dirty car that doesn’t get clean with just clear water quickly creates understanding.

Proper cleansing is of great importance for various reasons. Men’s skin does have advantages regarding aging. It contains more collagen and is therefore thicker and firmer. This also results in a good elasticity of the skin and slower aging than women’s skin. BUT there are also downsides: Men’s skin has more and larger sebaceous glands which promotes skin shine and impurities. There-fore, especially young men are disproportionately likely to have impure skin.

At this point, effective cleansing is the solution. Only when the skin has been freed from sebum, sweat and dirt can it properly absorb skin care substances. The new Power Face + Body Wash not only cleanses effectively and reliably but can also prevent irritations such as razor burn when used regularly. The best way to prevent razor burn is to prepare the skin properly for shaving. The mild yet deeply effective cleansing gel forms the basis together with lukewarm water. The skin is not only optimally cleansed, but the beard hairs are also softened somewhat and straightened. This allows the razor blade to cut them off precisely and the razor blades glide better on the skin, because the blades do not have to be pressed firmly against the skin, unwanted irritation is less likely to occur, and you get a perfect shave.

To keep things quick and uncomplicated, the wash gel can be used not only for the face but also for the body quite conveniently in the shower. Lather up, rinse thoroughly, done! This saves time and is efficient.

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