Probiotic skincare – Probiotic balm ProbioSense for sensitive skin

Probiotics in dermatological skincare is a field of research with increasing interest. That is why it is increasingly focused on the application of bacterial cultures.

Once the intestinal flora skipped out of balance, e.g. by antibiotics or unbalanced nutrition, we reach for e.g. probiotic yoghurts to rebuild the intestinal flora. We know about probiotics that they stabilize the gastrointestinal tract through lactobacilli and bifidobacteria contained and support the immune system. Scientists have now found out that the same principle is applicable with unbalanced skin.

Up to 7 billion of bacteria, that build the natural skin flora, live on our skin. This skin flora made out of bacteria, fungi, viruses and single-cell organisms is also called microbiome of the skin. It is different for everybody and can lose its balance through different inner and outer factors (stress, environmental pollution, etc.). In such case, it can come to an increase of “bad” bacteria that can cause irritations, redness or itching of the skin. This is exactly where probiotic skincare can interfere.

Despite its microscopic small size, bacteria represent a complex ecosystem on our skin. They live in symbiosis, which means no individual member of the community is pressing to the fore – a healthy balance exists. And a balanced microbiome on the skin plays an important role for the protection against infections through external pathogen microorganisms. If a pathogen gets on the skin, it must first displace the protecting bacterial flora. Only pathogens that win against the natural flora can penetrate deeper into the skin. Furthermore, the microorganisms produce metabolic products for the skin flora, which have positive effects on the skin properties.

Latest scientific findings show, that with probiotic skincare the natural flora is strengthened and balanced. That means “good” and “bad” bacteria are back in a balanced condition. Afterwards the balanced skin flora builds a natural protection shield for a healthy skin. Without an intact microbiome, the skin would be less protected against “attacks” from the environment.
The solution is to build and protect the microbiological barrier and to support the recovery of a healthy, balanced microflora. Therefore, skincare based on probiotic ingredients is a promising problem-solving approach with sensitive, dry and itchy skin.

Probiotic balm ProbioSense for sensitive skin

The new innovative product ProbioSense by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik aims to strengthen the skin flora and therefore the skin barrier. With ProbioSense, a milieu is created in which a balanced, healthy skin flora can be built and a healthy flora survives. The effective formula of ProbioSense is based on a probiotic ingredient (Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate), the prebiotic (nutrient for probiotics) inulin and an extract from mimosa bark. This combination supports the skin flora in its natural balance und strengthens the barrier function of the skin. Skin irritations and redness are effectively calmed and reduced.

Efficacy scientifically confirmed!

  • Improvement of skin hydration by 29%
  • Strengthening/ regeneration of the skin’s protective barrier
  • Reduction of mean TEWL by 30%

An in-vivo study under dermatological supervisions confirms the improvement of skin moisture by 29% after application of ProbioSense over a period of four weeks. Furthermore, a significant reduction of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by 30% was also determined. Transepidermal water loss is an important parameter in evaluating the function of the skin’s protective barrier. If the skin can store a lot of water, and this water does not leave and evaporate from the skin’s surface, the TEWL is low and hence the barrier is intact. Reduction in the TEWL means an improvement in the skin’s water storage. The clinical study thus proves the barrier-stabilizing effect through ProbioSense.*
*Clinical study in accordance with GCP guidelines at a German university institute

The new product not only provides care for sensitive skin. Through external influences, unfortunately almost every skin can tend to hypersensitivity at times. That is why ProbioSense is also a solution approach for other skin types – a little caution is only advised with impure skin due to oily components.

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