Bye, bye impure skin

Clearing Face Tonic

The new Clearing Face Tonic!

Large pores, shiny skin, blackheads, and pimples. Problems that produce impure skin affect an extraordinary number of people worldwide. Blemished skin is based on an overproduction of the sebaceous glands which often results in an oily sheen.

Due to a subsequent cornification disorder, clogged pores, and the influence of bacteria, efflorescences such as pimples can also quickly develop. In addition, the enlarged pores are also a negatively perceived factor with impure skin. This is because the pores are stretched or enlarged due to the enhanced sebum production and are thus clearly more visible. Meanwhile, it is no longer mainly teenagers who are affected by this condition, many adults also suffer from the so-called spot acne. Possible causes include hormonal changes (due to contraceptives, pregnancy, etc.), external environmental factors and stress.

The dermatologists Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio and Christina Drusio can confirm this development from their dermatological practice and professional cosmetics.

They see acne-related problems very often and an uneven skin appearance with inflammatory skin changes is not only unpleasant and partly painful, but it can also lead to psychosocial problems.

Consequently, care with suitable preparations for “problem skin” is of great importance. Targeted measures to clarify the skin and reduce sebum are the be-all and end-all and a special focus should be placed on effective cleansing. The first step is, of course, a suitable cleansing product but the second step is just as important, the use of an intensively effective facial toner.

Key words: clarify, mattify, reduce inflammation, calm your skin. And this effectively and with carefully selected ingredients. Intensive clarification does not mean treating the skin as aggressively as possible or even drying it out. A lot does not always help a lot! Toning should be targeted and intelligent: Smart toning!

Smart toning can now be effectively implemented with the new and intensive Clearing Face Tonic. Specially developed for oily skin and impurities with the decades of dermatological expertise of two dermatologists to achieve optimal results without over-stressing the skin. Up to now, skin irritations have often been the order of the day, especially with intensive clarifying tonics, because the skin has been dried out too much or treated with aggressive acids. The Clearing Face Tonic is the ideal cleansing finish for impure skin and in cases of inflammation. The skin texture is clarified, skin oil is removed, and the pores are visibly refined. At the same time, it reduces impurities and prevents their reappearance. Effective, gentle, smart, and sustainable! The use of this intelligent, antibacterial facial toner not only reduces impurities. Sebum production is regulated, and dead skin cells are gently removed. By removing dead skin cells and too much sebum, clogging of the pores is prevented. Pimples and blackheads no longer stand a chance! Subsequent care products can also be better absorbed, and active ingredients can work moreintensively.

The new intensive tonic is enriched with the anti-inflammatory “all-rounder” niacinamide. In addition, a power ingredient is gaining more and more popularity: succinic acid is not only found in amber, but also in many plant juices, e.g., rhubarb and tomatoes.

However, the acid is also formed in the human body as an intermediate product in the breakdown of glucose. Succinic acid has many effects in the new tonic, it removes dead skin cells and reduces inflammation without drastically reducing the pH value of the skin. In addition, succinic acid also reduces the sebum level and thus supports a matt complexion. The innovative acid is combined with a natural fruit acid complex from sugar cane, blueberry, and maple, among others.

Enlarged pores are gently and effectively refined, a moisturising and sebum-regulating zinc complex and anti-irritant allantoin round off the tonic’s nourishing and soothing effect.

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