Skincare in summer

Skirts are getting shorter and winter jackets disappear in the furthest corner of the wardrobe. In terms of clothing, we all adapt quickly to the new season. However, what is so obviously at this point is unfortunately not working that smoothly when it comes to skin care. Here too, the following applies: The care should match the skin’s needs and these are different in summer than in winter.

In winter, our skin rather needs richer skincare products. The colder it is, the less sebum is produced by the skin – which serves as a cold protection. At this time of year, especially the ones with dry skin should rely on nourishing oils, which are able to compensate this lack.

In summer, the skincare can be lighter because the skin again produces enough fat. However, through sunbathing and increased sweating the skin loses more moisture. To prevent a lack of moisture, ampoules, serums or concentrates can be used additionally to the regular skincare routine. The highly dosed care products supply the skin intensely with active ingredients.

During warm summer days, day care with light texture (such as gels) are very popular as they are quickly absorbed and leave a cooling effect on the skin.

Nevertheless, during the summer time, one thing should always be kept in mind: sufficient sun protection! Nearly everybody loves the sun, but definitely not the damages it can cause. Therefore, at least SPF 15 should be included in the daily routine, higher ones on vacation. Find more information about Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik products with SPF at:

Fast help for dry, reddened and stressed skin

Does the following sound familiar? A beautiful day at the beach has gone to an end and in the evening, you realize that it was a little bit too much sun. The skin is red, irritated and taut – you have a sunburn. A real emergency that requires immediate help. In this case, a moisturizing, cooling and soothing mask would be ideal.

Dr. med. Schrammek Kosmetik as first aider

The AloCalm Gel Mask combines all these properties. It is the rapid assistance in need. After a long day in the sun, it balances the moisture content of the skin and soothes sunburned skin instantly. Responsible for this is especially the high amount of 60 % Aloe Vera. The cooling effect of the Gel Mask refreshes and relaxes the skin at the same time. That is why the AloCalm Gel Mask is a real “must-have” in summer!

By the way, the mask also helps optimally with itching mosquito bites! 😉

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