Beauty Countdown – Beautiful for wedding

It is time again, the wedding season is in full progress. For many of you it only takes a few months or even weeks before it is getting serious. The most important things like choosing the date and place as well as sending out invitations are already done. But for the bridal couple, in particular for the brides – the beauty countdown starts.
On the most important day in life, especially women want to look brilliant, which means that preparations have to be made. The question is – when is the right time to start the beauty programme and what should be considered?

The wedding preparation is a hot topic for many of us. Therefore, it is important to treat oneself with short breaks. That is why beauty days can help a lot. On these days nothing else than relaxation should be planned. This special time is made for extensive enjoyment to recover for the remaining preparations.

Beautification from head to toe

Face care programme

Of course, on the wedding day the focus is on the bridal couple, more particularly the bride. For this reason, make-up and hair should be done by a professional. In this context, the better the base, the better the result. Therefore, it is recommended to start early with a regular care programme for face and hair.

Make an appointment with your beautician, not later than 2 months before your wedding. There is still plenty of time left to remove impurities, to perfect the eyebrows and to prepare the skin intensively. In combination with the right home care products, the skin will look beautiful and radiant on the day of the wedding. For a breath-taking look, the dying of eye lashes is scheduled one week before the wedding.

Hair care

The hair is part of the most important accessory on the day of the wedding. No matter whether pinned-up hairstyle or open hair, important is well-groomed and well-dyed hair. Therefore, start early with hair care and colouring. The last colouring should take place approximately one week before the wedding. Then the hair looks natural and there is still enough time to correct possible mistakes.

Body care

Not only the face is on focus at the wedding. That is why thinking about the perfect make-up is not enough. Depending on the wedding dress, cleavage, back and arms can take centre stage. Treat yourself with a special back and cleavage treatment – for a charming back and a firm cleavage. Body scrubs are a good alternative for at home. They remove old skin particles and provide a supple, smooth skin. Regular cream should also belong to the daily care ritual. Depending on the cream, it provides a smooth and firmer skin. Fine glitter particles can make the skin appear more even and radiant.

Hands and feet

Hands and feet also have a great importance on this day. Not later than during the change of the wedding rings and following photo shooting, the hands are on focus. Pamper yourself with a manicure in the week before the wedding. If the nails are to be coloured with nail polish, the day before the wedding is recommended in order to minimize the risk of defects.

Our feet have to put up with a lot, too. Two to three professional pedicures at an interval of four to five weeks before the wedding are optimal. To ensure that the shoes do not pinch, the last pedicure should take place at least one week before. Besides, groomed feet on sandy beaches in the honeymoon are an absolute must. Do not forget: new wedding shoes should always be broken in, so there is no reason not being able to dance until the morning.

Free of hair

You would like to avoid stubbles under the arms and legs on your wedding day? Then you should rely on a more efficacious method than shaving. The choice is between waxing or sugaring. No matter which method you chose, both provide a smooth skin for weeks. So you are ready for the honeymoon right after the wedding. The best time for waxing is a few days before the wedding, so that the effect lasts the whole honeymoon.

Slow down before the wedding

To be able to enjoy the most beautiful day in your life and to forget the stressful preparation time, the bridal couple should treat themselves to a short break. Massages are the right tool for relaxation and withit a true benefit for body and soul. The best time for a shared wellness day is a few days before the wedding. Full-body, head, foot or back massages help to forget the stress and to start calmly into the most beautiful day in life.

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