Serums – cosmetics with concentrated, intensive effect

These highly concentrated products for special treatments should not be missing in any bathroom cabinet. They are valuable helpers for your daily skin care.

Due to their light basis, serums can quickly pass on the valuable ingredients to the skin and thus achieve an ideal effect. The pure textures can be absorbed very fast by the skin and enfold their effect over a long period.

Serums can support your skin effectively, because of the highly concentrated ingredients. For this reason, you should always integrate them into your daily skin care. You can use them if needed, for special occasions (holidays, wedding) or as a treatment for prevention, as in stressful situations – whenever your skin needs extra care and suffers from dryness, irritations, wrinkles, an uneven skin tone or when your skin looks tired.

These additional products are not only supplying you with the substances needed, but are also easy to use, which is a huge advantage in your daily care.

Apply your serum and then use your daily care cream. That’s your perfect care experience within only a few minutes.

What are serums exactly doing to your skin?

  1. Building a healthy basis
  2. Boosting moisture and energy
  3. Activating, regenerating
  4. Reducing wrinkles, tightening
  5. Calming, tightening – everything your skin needs as extra support.

Packing the products into pipettes, pumps dispensers or ampoules protects them and allows focused and hygienic application. Furthermore, dispensers and pipettes protect the products from air contact or pollution, so that they only have to be stabilized very softly – much effect little additives!

You can achieve great results at home as well as in your professional cosmetic applications: Combining your serum with e.g. a mask shows outstanding successes. You apply a mask over your serum, which first of all nourishes the skin with ingredients and secondly intensifies the penetration and effect of the serum.

 “As a dermatologist, I know about the importance of supporting your skin care with serums. EVERY skin needs extra care. We are offering a suitable serum for every skin type and condition”, says Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio.

Take a look at our website to see what our serums Resvera Cell Concentrate, Mela White Active C Serum, Time Control Serum, Active Future Serum und HyaluronHY Performance Serum and numerous ampoules can do for you!

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