Skincare for men

Male skin needs care

Just a few years ago, the words ‘cosmetics’ or ‘skincare’ caused for men either a huge question mark or even a derogatory head-shaking. A few ‘real’ men refused strictly to consider face care at all. Cosmetical skincare would be unmanly and in addition completely needless for a ‘real guy’. Luckily, these times are mostly over. Nowadays, facial care is already a part of the daily routine for many men. Especially for younger men a well-groomed appearance is getting more and more important.

The change of masculinity

However, where does this seemingly sudden change of heart come from? The role of the man has been in upheaval for years. This also includes a changed view of the previously defined “masculinity”. Care and an attractive appearance are among the success factors in modern society. In the meantime, the following applies: those who look good and are fit are also successful and have better chances – both privately and at work. This increases men’s need for well-groomed skin, because who does not want to be successful and have better chances? Men become more critical of themselves and pay more attention to their overall appearance. This awareness is also strengthened by the media. Successfully represented and attractive male models suggest a picture to the care-conscious man, which he also can reach just with the help of the correct selection of skin care.

Of course, there are still the “tough guys” who defend themselves against skin care with their hands and feet. They are initially closed to cosmetic products. However, if you managed to convince these men of a product, they are the most reliable and loyal users of all. They no longer deviate so quickly from products they know. True to the motto, “Why should I try something new if the current care is fine?” All-in-one products in particular are absolute favourites among men, because despite everything, they like their care fast and uncomplicated.

The difference between men and women

In order to find the right care for oneself, men should be aware that they need different care than women. It is easy to reach into a woman’s or girlfriend’s jar in the bathroom, but it is usually not ideal. Both sexes already differ in so many things that it is not surprising that this is also the case with the skin. The skin of men is about 20% thicker than the skin of women. This means that their skin barrier is better protected against external influences such as UV radiation, environmental pollution and temperature fluctuations. The male skin is therefore much more robust and therefore requires its very own care. In addition, men’s skin has a higher water-binding capacity. This gives men a further advantage, namely that their skin is much firmer and therefore looks smoother. While women already have to struggle with first wrinkles from the mid-20s onwards, the skin ageing process of men does not begin before the age of 30. But latest with the age of 40 the first wrinkles appear, which are directly deeper than those of women. But even here men can be certainly happy: while women only “age”, wrinkles make men look more “interesting” and more attractive with increasing age. For this reason, most men have no problem with aging.

What stresses male skin

Although male skin is thicker, it can still be sensitive. Especially the daily shave is a huge challenge for the male skin. Particularly, the wet shave can lead to irritations, rashes or development of pimples. Therefore, it is important to use a special care at this point.

The perfect care for men

Due to the texture of the skin, the demands of men’s skin on care products are different from those of women. Apart from that, most men like it easy and fast. They have no desire to constantly trying new products. Once they have found the perfect care, they usually stick with it. The average man uses about 2 to 3 products a day.

Nevertheless, men’s care should not only be uncomplicated, but above all effective. A facial cleansing and skin care should definitely be part of the care. Cleansing forms the basis of all good care. When it comes to skin care, men often want moisturizing and pore refining care.

Men prefer light creams with a lower fat content, gels or emulsions because of their fundamentally greasier and more porous skin. Only from the age of 50, richer bases are useful and pleasant. From this age, the skin’s ability to regenerate slows down, even in men. More and more signs of skin aging become visible. Antioxidants and appropriate sun protection for the day are also important.

The perfect care routine

So, what belongs to a perfect care for male skin? The basis of every care program – as already mentioned – is the thorough cleansing. At this point it is, for once, irrelevant whether for man or woman. Depending on the preference, there are a gel, milk or a cleansing foam available. The Gel Super Purifiant is optimally suitable to refreshing cleansing of the skin. Additionally, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents rolling hair – perfect as preparation before shaving! Apply Gel Super Purifiant on the moistened face and work it into a light foam. If necessary, allow to take effect for a short time. Wash off thoroughly afterwards. Now, the second and last care step follows.

The facial care should be especially moisturizing, that is why our new Hydro Power Fluid is ideally suitable for day and night. The effective and especially light care fluid stands for concentrated power in just one product. It combines everything a men needs to efficiently provide their skin. Triple hyaluronic power provides an effective moisture supply and firmness of the skin. The fluid vitalizes, improves the elasticity, reduces rough skin and wrinkles visibly. For a refreshed and resistant skin. The Hydro Power Fluid is easily applied mornings and evenings after cleansing.

With just two products, also the male skin gets an ideal care. However, for an overall healthy skin should one thing not be forgotten: Our lifestyle contributes significantly to our appearance. This means: sufficient exercise, plus a varied diet helps the male skin additionally to shine.

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