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Tips for beautiful, thick and long eyelashes

If women have one thing in common, it is the dream of filled, thick and especially long eyelashes. They give our eyes a wonderful expression and are the epitome of femininity. By now, there are numerous possibilities to intensify the look: from lash extensions over lash lifting up to extending serums. We took a closer look at some methods for lash extensions and compared.

Lash Extensions

Artificial eyelashes are becoming more and more popular. With this method, a beautician or eyelash stylist sticks on tiny artificial hair to your eyelashes. There is no limit for fantasy: from a natural thickening to extra-long lashes with decorations, everything is possible. In every case, this method provides for an expressive look.


Bye bye mascara! With eyelash extensions, you have a fresh and expressive look, without spending several hours in the bathroom. Just brush the lashes shortly and let the day begin.


Compared to other methods, the costs are significantly higher. The first extension costs approximately between 150 and 300 Euro. Every three weeks, they need to be filled up for about 50 to 100 Euro.

Artificial eyelashes – Fake Lashes

The cheapest method to strengthen the lashes is sticking on artificial eyelashes, the so-called fake lashes. To achieve a high-quality result, it is important to use real hair-lashes. Everything else would look unnatural and cheap. The suitable lash glue is available in black and white. The white glue has the benefit to be seen easier during application and it becomes transparent after drying. Whereas black lash glue optically improves the volume of the lashes.


Artificial lashes are taken out of the package with a tweezer. It is important to hold the lashes at the lash line and not at the end of the hair. The glue is applied on the lash line; let it dry for approximately 30 seconds. Now the artificial lashes can carefully be stuck on the hairline of your own lashes.


A clear advantage is the price-quality ratio because you immediately get a visible expressive look right away for a small price. Moreover, artificial lashes can be used several times. Therefore, they should be cleansed carefully and occasionally.


The right affixing of lashes needs some patience and finesse, but practice makes perfect. Of course, the method lasts for only one day. Before sleeping, the eyelashes need to be removed.

Lash lifting

Lash lifting is a method which is not well-known yet, but with a lot of potential. With this method, your own lashes are lifted upwards and directly at the lash line with the help of silicon pads and two lotions. Lash lifting is comparable with a permanent wave. Subsequently, the lashes are coloured to intensify the effect. This way, the maximum out of natural lashes is achieved.


The effect of lash lifting lasts for approx. 6 to 8 weeks and costs approx. 50 Euro. Due to lifting your own lashes, you do not need to be particularly careful as with lash extensions. The eyelash curler is a thing of the past.


Unfortunately, lash lifting cannot be done by ourselves. That is why a regular visit of a professional is necessary.

Eyelash serums

By now, there is a variety of eyelash serums from expensive to cheap. There is a difference between eyelash serums without hormones, which are based on e.g. hyaluronic acid and coffin. The alternative are eyelash serums that contain the hormone prostaglandin. Both stimulate the natural growth of the lashes.

Once a day, a brushstroke is applied on the upper lash line (preferably in the evening). This procedure is repeated until the desired length is achieved. From this point, the procedure is repeated only 1 to 2 times a week to maintain the effect.


Through the serum, your own lashes become longer, thicker and stronger. Serums are available from 30 to 120 Euro. The price does not say anything about the efficacy of the product. A small bottle usually lasts for several months.


With this method, patience is required. A proper result is only visible after approximately 4 weeks.


For those who do not want to forgo long and thick lashes, have several possibilities to improve the look of their eyes. Whether for everyday life or a long party night, everyone can convince with their look.

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