Summer legs – fast help/tips for tanned legs

We waited a long time for it and now it is finally here, the summer. Now it is time to exchange the long jeans with shorts and skirts. But like every year, we realize with horror that our legs do not look like summer so far. A woman does not want to go out with such pale legs. Now it is time to find a solution. Getting a tan without sunbathing or visiting a solarium? That works! There are actually different methods to get our legs in shape instantly and to get them ready for skirts and shorts.

Self-tanning lotion

Very common and popular is self-tanning lotion. Self-tanning lotion can provide a long-term effect. Whether as a cream or for spraying, when using these a few things should be considered.

Tips for dealing with self-tanning lotion

Before applying the self-tanning lotion, it is important to prepare the skin properly. That includes a thorough peeling. Smooth and free from old cornea scales, the result can be beautifully even. Even the knees and feet require a special pretreatment and should be creamed with a body lotion. These are usually the driest parts of the legs, so that there is a great risk the self-tanning lotion looks very dark. For these parts one thing is important: “less is more” – so just apply the self-tanning lotion thinly to avoid dark spots.

Creamy and liquid self-tanning lotion

When applying the creamy or liquid self-tanning lotion, wearing gloves is recommended.

Insider tip: Immediately after the application of self-tanning lotion, blow-dry these parts to avoid stripes. By the way, this is also what professionals do in the cabin after a tan-shower.

Tan for spraying

As an alternative to creamy or liquid self-tanning lotions, there is the tan out of the bottle. A clear advantage is that the fine spray mist usually provides a stripe-free and spotless result.

For those who do not dare using self-tanning lotion, two different options are available: tan-showers and spray tanning. The tan-shower is a kind of shower in a cabin and is sprayed by a machine with self-tanning lotion. Specially trained professionals, on the other hand, carry out spray tanning by hand.

Even with these methods, a thoroughly peeling should be carried out before and feet and knees should be creamed with body lotion. Only those who do thoroughly preparatory work will have a nice even tan afterwards.

Advantages of self-tanning lotion

Self-tanner usually gives the skin a tan over several days. The exact duration certainly depends on how often a shower is taken or lotion is applied.

Disadvantages of self-tanning lotion

A disadvantage is the typical smell of self-tanner. Compared to the past, fragrances have become a little more pleasant these days. Nevertheless, who once used self-tanning lotion knows this smell even today. The only real disadvantage and also biggest weakness is that if it is not used properly the tan may look spotty – something, nobody wants to see.

Tinted body lotions

Tinted body lotion offers the easiest of all methods to get tanned legs. What the BB cream for the face is, is a tinted body lotion for the legs. Simply apply and you are done. No waiting, no spots. By the tint you can see immediately where something is missing. An additional advantage is that the light tint lets the spider veins appear less.

Tan out of the kitchen – do it yourself tinted body lotion

Those who spontaneously need tanned legs and has no self-tanner or tinted body lotion at home, can find a solution with simple ingredients from the kitchen.

A tinted body lotion can easily be made in a short time and only two things are needed: cacao or coffee powder and a body lotion. Both ingredients are simply mixed together in a bowl and finished is the homemade, tinted care. It is important to not use too much cacao or coffee powder, otherwise the mix gets very dark. Afterwards, cream the legs and they look beautifully tanned in no time.

Advantages of tinted body lotions

Clear advantage of a self-made tinted body lotion: it smells good and the result is immediately visible after application. This method is a real alternative for women who do not wish to use self-tanner, but still want tanned legs quickly. If it still looks spotty after application, simply take a shower and the tan is gone.

Disadvantages of tinted body lotions

There is actually only one disadvantage of the fast tan and that is its durability. This is only short-lived until the next shower.

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