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Living in the jungle

With these tips you can create that jungle feeling within your very own four walls!

It’s getting green(er) in our homes – after years of minimalist, Scandinavian interior trends, exotic house-plants are celebrating their comeback! On platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, you can see more and more wild plants creating a jungle feeling at home. Even in my flat, which is furnished in a very Scandinavian way, green has found a way into it. After being convinced for a long time that my thumb is anything but green, a new passion has developed within me in the recent weeks and months.

It’s not as hard as I initially thought if you pay attention to the basics: pot size, location, and watering. The first plant to move in with me was the Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the window leaf. Originally native to the South American jungle, this green plant is super easy to care for and thrives beautifully in its large pot. Every week I can watch it grow a new leaf – and that gives me the incentive to keep taking good care of it and thus make it grow bigger and bigger. It sits on my windowsill in a semi-sunny spot and is happy to receive a little water once a week. By the way, due to its popularity, the Monstera Deliciosa is available in almost every flower and garden centre.

If you prefer something more discreet and smaller, you should look out for the so-called “ufo plant” (Pilea Peperomioides) at your next garden centre visit. This small plant with its extravagant appearance is also called the Chinese money tree and moved in with me just a few weeks ago. With its small round leaves, its resemblance to flying saucers cannot be denied. It has also found a place in a small pot on my windowsill. Since, like the sun-flower, its leaves face the sun, it should be turned regularly. About once a week it gets a sip of fresh water. It is important to make sure that neither waterlogging nor dryness is developed. That’s why I recommend feeling with your finger from time to time in the beginning whether the soil is too wet or too dry and adjusting the watering accordingly. In this way, I was able to develop a good feeling for the right watering time quite fast. If the ufo plant loves its environment, many small offshoots grow next to the stem of the mother plant. When planted in small pots, they quickly become new, larger plants.

This is how the ufo plant offshoots found a place in our marketing office. My colleagues are very happy about it.I don’t have a real jungle in my home yet, but the tropical trend plants underline the clean, Scandinavian look thatI love so much. And they not only beautify the home, but also contribute to a better indoor climate. If you want to learn more about the trend plants or inspire yourself, you can refer to books such as “Wild at home” (Lauren Camilleri, Sophia Kaplan) or “How not to kill your houseplant” (Veronica Peerless). There you will not only find more plants, but also everything about their care.

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