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The best anti-aging foods

Beauty begins with proper nutrition

A beautiful skin can be supported from within. Choosing the “right” food can give your skin a younger and vital appearance. Thus there are some foods that protect the skin against free radicals, which in turn are responsible for the aging process. Other foods supply the skin with fatty acids. They let your complexion shine and appear fresh.

The other way round there are numerous foods which accelerate wrinkling. Industrial sugar is an example for “bad food” – it is better to renounce this one. Surplus sugar molecules connect to collagen fibers. This connection leads to an inelastic skin. White flour products do have the same effect on your skin.

It is important to know that foods are no medications. They do not take effect overnight. Rather a lot of foods do have a preventing and sustainable effect. It is therefore even more important to take care of a healthy nutrition.

Drinking water is good for your skin

An elementary rule is to drink – ideally – 1,5-2l per day. Water sustains the body to eliminate toxins. Moreover it is necessary for several metabolic processes. By drinking water, you support the vitality of your skin. Even ten minutes after drinking, the skin is better supplied with blood and is thereby supplied with higher levels of oxygen. This implies that the skin´s metabolism is stimulated. An increased metabolic activity encourages the protective and immune function of your skin. In the long term, the effect of the inner vitalization shows its impact in a fresher appearance of the skin.

Top anti-aging foods

Some foods do not only provide valuable vitamins and minerals, but also protect the skin from free radicals and thus have an anti-Aging effect.

Carrots: Babies get a lovely rosy complexion by eating carrots. Carrots contain carotenoids which counteract skin aging and ensure a fresh and healthy complexion.
By the way, carotenoids are also contained in tomatoes, peaches as well as in yellow peppers.

Green Tea: Contains highly effective cell defense substances that fend off free radicals and thus break the aging process in the cells.

Olive oil: Incorporates precious unsaturated fats that actively protect the skin. Olive oil is a super weapon against wrinkles and premature skin aging.

Walnut oil and rapeseed oil: Both of them contain precious omega 3 fatty acids that prevent aging processes triggered by inflammations. These oils are good for a beautifully smooth skin.

Cabbage: The different cabbage varieties are packed with important vital substances, which sustain the strength of the connective tissue and stabilize collagen fibers. It´s good against cellulite!

Poultry: Lean meat contains high-quality protein. The body needs proteins to produce hormones for your beauty. Moreover it supports the development of elastic fibers in the connective tissue. Therefore you´ll have a firm skin and improved body contours.

Broccoli, beans and others…: Green foods are a magical weapon. Their high levels of vitamin C alleviate small inflammations and give a fresh and cared complexion as well as a healthy skin.

Currants & blueberries: The two of them are packed with vitamin C! They improve the skin elasticity and aid a good digestion by anthocyanins. Anthocyanins keep the tissue elastic and protect cells from free radicals.

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