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Free radicals and antioxidants

Free radicals and antioxidants

Nowadays, stress has nearly become normal but then you usually do something against it such as relaxation. But what about the stress in your body which we usually don’t notice immediately but which will become visible later on? In this case we are talking about oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is responsible for our cells, and thus our skin, to age faster. This type of stress is caused by free radicals.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are a natural by-product of the metabolism. Actually, they are relatively harmless but if they are able to multiply themselves uncontrollably, they may cause skin damage. On the surface, this becomes visible in form of wrinkles. Therefore, free radicals are considered to be the main cause of skin aging. Free radicals are promoted by internal factors, for example the metabolic processes in our body which involve oxygen and emotional distress, as well as by external factors, such as UV radiation, nicotine and alcohol.

Fighting against free radicals – from the in- and outside

In order to counteract the aging process, our body needs antioxidants, whether from ingredients in creams (e.g., vitamin E, resveratrol, pomegranate extract) or foods (such as green tea, cherries, carrots). This way, the body is able to absorb antioxidants from the inside and from the outside and use both to fight against free radicals. Antioxidants can not only stop the chain reaction that has already begun, but at the same time they can help to protect the body against future attacks. Due to their effects, antioxidants are used in many cosmetics. To protect and support your body, you should keep a balanced diet. The more different types of antioxidants you have in your body, the more effectively the free radicals can be neutralized to protect your body. In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, sports can further strengthen the effect. Other excellent helpers in fighting stress are relaxation programs, such as Yoga, autogenous training and Pilates.

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