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Helpful tips and tricks against cold feet

Winter is almost over and with it the trouble of cold feet. Those who are still suffering from cold feet can find some helpful tips here. When the body starts freezing, it first cares about keeping the essential organs and the brain warm. Not until then hands and feet get supplied. Especially women suffer from cold feet at frosty temperatures. These are not only unpleasant, but can also lead to colds, bladder infections (cystitis) or headaches. In order that the symptoms won’t appear, we have several tips for warm feet. Generally, a good circulation is very important. But how can this be promoted?

Tips for on the way

Before you go out in the cold, a circulation-promoting foot cream should be used. This is the first step for having warm feet outside. Basically movement is good, no matter if you prefer sportive activities like ice skating or going for a walk. It is true, those who stand a lot get cold feet faster. But if you have to stand for a longer time, do some gymnastic exercises for your toes. Push your toes off the floor and down again. You will feel how the circulation gets stimulated.

Socks, inlays and shoes

To keep warm, many people prefer the onion look in winter. The same principle is true for warm feet. Better wear two thin pair of socks on top of the other than one thick pair of socks, because a warming air pad accrues between the two pair of socks. Just keep in mind that the socks fit, so that you do not get blisters on your feet. Furthermore, the socks should not be too tight because this can disrupt the circulation. To avoid sweaty feet, the socks should be made of cotton or blended fabrics, because synthetics promotes sweaty feet.

There is a lot to keep in mind regarding the choice of shoes in the cold season. It is important to wear warm shoes. Especially the sole should be thicker, because it prevents the heat emission from the feet to the floor. The bigger the gap to the floor, the better. Also the fit of the shoe generally is important. Feet should have some room, the air layer inside builds a kind of isolation against the cold. If the shoe is too tight, the skin exposed to cold directly.
Insoles can provide additional protection against cold and wet grounds, they isolate the foot as well. Soles made of wool keep the feet notably warm.

Tips for at home

There are several possibilities to avoid cold feet at home. Wearing a thick pair of socks and warm house shoes during housework and the feet are well-protected. If you prefer to make yourself comfortable on the sofa, you should wrap up warm. Additionally a cherry pit pillow could heat the feet. If you do not like to wear socks at night, you can use a simple trick to fall asleep. Place the cold feet in the hollow of the knee by turns, so the feet get warm immediately. Even visiting the sauna is qualified for improving the circulation, certainly these should take place regular, at least once a week.

Warm the body from the inside

Through different spices the body can get heated from inside. Such as ginger, chili, pepper and cinnamon. Also ginger tea is a fast warm maker. Several cups daily and you can feel how it heats up your body. If you do not like ginger, you can grab another sort of hot tea.
Also a lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements can cause you to freeze faster. Always watch out for a balanced diet with a daily ration of fruits and vegetables.


Cold feet can get warmed with a footbath at home. Increase the water’s temperature slowly, because too hot water can be uncomfortable when putting your feet inside. Start with approximately 32°C degrees, then add hot water slowly over a time period of 15 minutes, up to 42°C degrees. After that, dry your feet carefully, put on some lotion and put on a pair of warm socks. For a bath essence, you can use essential oils that have a stimulating effect. These include among others rosemary, thyme and cinnamon oil. Moreover, alternating baths are a very effective to increase of the circulation. You need two bowls, one with hot and one with icecold water. Dive your feet into the warm and then into the cold water. Change after 30 sec up to one minute, depending on what you last. Go ahead with the alternating bath for at least 5 minutes. It stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Alternatively, you can also do a contrast shower.

Foot massage

A small foot massage can already help to get comfortably warm feet. For the massage, use either a foot cream or essential oils. By using essentials oils like cinnamon or rosemary oil, the circulation can be stimulated additionally. Always mix the essential oil with a base oil like almond oil to avoid skin irritations. You get qualitative natural oils at the health food shop or at the pharmacy. Alternatively, you can mix a drop of the essential oil in to the foot cream. If you do not like foot massages, you can take a brush massage. The massage should be started at the outside of the right foot. Do circling movements up to the upper leg. Do the same at the inside of the foot and leg. Afterwards continue with the left side. Watch out for not doing stimulating treatments to people with varicose veins.

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