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Integrate sports into your daily life – Tips to keep it simple!

Sometimes it is very hard to overcome oneself and do sports – no matter if it is early in the morning or late after work. If the inner weakness is stronger, you can do some little exercises here and there. In your daily life, there are several wonderful alternatives to a visit of the fitness center.

Sport before work

You can do something for your fitness already on your way to work. Instead of taking a seat in busses or trams, just remain standing without holding on. This way, our balance system and leg muscles are strengthened. As public transport is often very crowded, especially during rush hour, you have to stand anyway… J You could also get off one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Even though the elevators are a great invention, overcome yourself and walk the stairs – this does not only strengthen the cardiovascular system, but also improves your endurance and makes nice calves.

Sport at work

You can go ahead with your workout as soon as you reach the office. Take a seat and tense the gluteal muscles for approximately 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise as often as possible – this makes a tight buttocks! If you want to move more during your working day, visit your colleagues instead of calling them or writing an email. This way, you will move more and have some variety in your daily routine. If you’re not done yet, go for a walk in your break and refresh body and soul with fresh air.

Sport after work

There are also several nice alternatives to the fitness centre at home: Cleaning, for example, is a whole-body-workout. You can train your upper arms by cleaning windows and ironing; when vacuum-cleaning or wiping, you will also train your legs. You will train your body the same way when tidying up, rearranging, wall papering or redesigning. How about wall papering? You can even burn calories while talking on the phone. Instead of sitting, you can walk around the flat, swing your legs back and forth or bend and stretch.

Have fun with your next office work-out 🙂

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