Skin consultation at the click of a mouse

A glimpse to the future

Another year with many challenges, marked by a long lockdown in the first half of the year, is coming to an end. The many restrictions have motivated us to further expand our digital service offering. We are constantly working to optimise the experience of our skin care products on digital channels as well. Because during the lockdown, it was simply not possible to expand one’s own skin care routine with a professional consultation in the institute and via video consultation or to adapt it to current skin problems. We used this time to improve our online skin advice; of course, this cannot replace a professional consultation with a skin care professional. Nevertheless, the tool is excellent for skin care tips and a first orientation in our derma.cosmetics range.

Every skin is different and has individual requirements. In addition to skin care, the condition of your skin also depends on various factors such as nutrition, stress, environmental influences, genes, and hormones. Only those who know their skin can pamper it with the optimal care or find a suitable solution for their skin problems! With online skin counselling, by answering questions and assessing images, an individual skin care routine is created for you, recommending products that are directly tailored to your skin condition. Pictures depicting, for example, a skin problem or skin irritation, help to correctly assess your own skin. You can have the personal results of the skin consultation sent directly to you bye-mail afterwards and call them up again at any time.

In addition to the skin consultation, you can already look forward to a new type of consultation and shopping experience. From autumn 2021, we will also be offering themed online live shopping events for both end customers and, of course, special events for beauticians. These 30-60 minute virtual and interactive events will cover topics such as “Impure & blemished skin”, “How to find the perfect cleanser” or “When and how to start with anti-aging prevention”. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to ask our beauty experts questions via chat, receive product recommendations and, of course, purchase the products that suit you directly in the livestream. It’s easy and convenient, right from your couch!

Both during our skin consultation and at the end of each live shopping event, a small surprise awaits you so that you can order and try out the recommended products immediately.

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