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  • Blemish-Balm

    Skin has many faces

    A perfect complexion and flawless skin – that’s what many people want. The Original Blemish Balm has been a great success for many decades and has inspired tens of thousands of users. The problem…

  • Life & Style


    Normally we are in demand 24/7, whether at work or in our free time – there is always something going on! We talk on the phone, chat or complete tasks. We do sports, go…

  • Beauty

    Skincare for men

    Male skin needs care Just a few years ago, the words ‘cosmetics’ or ‘skincare’ caused for men either a huge question mark or even a derogatory head-shaking. A few ‘real’ men refused strictly to…

  • Beauty

    Skincare in summer

    Skirts are getting shorter and winter jackets disappear in the furthest corner of the wardrobe. In terms of clothing, we all adapt quickly to the new season. However, what is so obviously at this…

  • Beauty

    Cosmetics & Allergies

    The number of people suffering from allergies has grown steadily over the last decades. Around 13 million Germans suffer from allergies – with rising tendency. Allergies are e.g. reactions of the skin (contact eczema)…

  • Life & Style

    Vitamins for a healthy and vital skin

    Vitamins are healthy! Whether in fruits and vegetables, meat and fish or even in skincare – they are real power ingredients, we need to live. But what effects does which vitamin have? You may…

  • Beauty

    Oil for the skin

    Highly effective oils are essential for all rich and smoothing beauty products. Especially mature skin can benefit from oils, because with increasing age, the skin becomes dryer and loses tension. Oils are able to…