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Hybrid cosmetics

What is hidden behind the trending term?

Every year we encounter many new trends in society, business, culture, and lifestyle and we always ask ourselves the questions: What is behind that name? Is this really a trend that will be sustainable, that will accompany us in the future, or does the initial enthusiasm quickly vanish into thin air? There have always been trends in cosmetics that were revolutionary, e.g., trends like collagen, liposomes, and hyaluronic acid. And now hybrid cosmetics – that sounds like a technical revolution. So, let’s take a closer look at the wording.

The word hybrid is currently the word on everyone’s lips! Who hasn’t done hybrid lessons with their children in the last year and who isn’t currently considering buying a car with hybrid technology? In a car, it means that two engine technologies are combined, usually an electric motor with an internal combustion engine. In school teaching, it is an alternation between online and face-to-face teaching.

Hybrid means mixture, intersection, hybrid, or combination of technologies. In cosmetics, several technologies or effects are combined to complement and enhance the product properties. It is not just a matter of combining different active ingredients, but of combining technologies and active ingredients to achieve a new, increased product benefit. Such products are, for example, Cream-To-Oil Cleansers, these cleansing creams change their texture during application (“transforming textures”). They transform from a creamy cleansing milk into a nourishing oil. The skin is gently cleansed and additionally cared for during cleansing. In other words, two benefits in one product: cleansing + care.

We also come across such exciting hybrid formulations in decorative cosmetics. A blusher, for example, that is applied as a cream and then transforms into a powder, this is an advantage because its creamy consistency ensures ease of application, while at the same time does not dry out the skin and remains on the skin as an adhesive powder. Here we have a 3-fold benefit: easy application + care + good adhesion.

Another impressive example are BB and CC Creams which perfect the skin’s appearance with a light tintand moisturise at the same time. The mother of all BB creams and a pioneer in hybrid cosmetics is the Blemish Balm by derma.cosmetics, which was developed by Christine Schrammek over 50 years ago. In addition to the above-mentioned effects, it contains active ingredients that soothe redness and irritation, mattify the skinand are anti-inflammatory. Here we even achieve a 4-foldbenefit: Coverage + care + anti-pimple + anti-irritation.

But what is the advantage of hybrid cosmetics?

This trend sounds promising and future-oriented as everything around us is becoming faster and more multifunctional, including our beauty routine, of course. The multiple use of products can save time in daily care, a hybrid facial cleanser that cleanses, tones and simultaneously removes eye make-up in just one step saves time, but still has high caring properties. The exceptional textures delight when applied. Not to mention the WOW effect when a gel transforms into a cream or a cream into a powder!

Hybrid technology has become indispensable for make-up products, in the past, they were not very nourishing and only covered. Today, with the new hybrid technology, make-up products can be significantly increased ineffectiveness and benefit.

An excellent example of this is the BB Perfect Beauty Fluid by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik. In contrast to our Blemish Balm, the problem solver for blemished skin, the BB Beauty Fluid is a nourishing and corrective care fluid with UV protection for normal and dry skin. It is concealing, moisturising, soothing, nourishing, contains UV protection and provides visual skin smoothing. Using a special technology, pigments are processed to create a soft-focus effect on the skin, allowing it to visually conceal wrinkles. This technological feat, together with the multiple benefits, make BB Perfect Beauty Fluid a typical and effective hybrid product with 4-fold benefits: Light coverage + moisture + UV protection + optical wrinkle smoothing.

In conclusion, it can be said that hybrid cosmetics stand for convertible products that combine different functions, make the daily beauty routine easier and bring an increased care result. A trend in cosmetics that will certainly continue beyond 2022.

Further hybrid products from derma.cosmetics are e.g.

• Sensiderm Cleansing Solution (Make-up remover +cleanser + tonic with micellar technology)
• Optimum Protection Cream (Care + texture for all skin types + UV protection)
• Enzyme Regulating Cream & Peeling (daily care of impure skin + mild peeling for sensitive skin)
• Rosea Calm Cream (Anti-irritative + capillary-strengthening + concealing redness + moisture