The power of herbs– the secret of GREEN PEEL® Fresh Up, Energy & Classic

One thing should not be fooled from outward appearances – at least when it comes to the ingredients of the GREEN PEEL® herbal Peeling treatment. Because as inconspicuous as horsetail, ribwort and the like may seem, they own some extraordinary abilities. Discover the secrets of the GREEN PEEL® herbs.


What is so special about the original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment?

The original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment is one of the most successful methods for skin regeneration and one of the most skin-compatible at the same time. Only herbal ingredients and a special massage are able to initiate the skin’s renewal process. “In 60 years, we have continually developed our method and optimized the herbal mixture. That’s also the reason why we can offer solutions for almost all skin conditions today,” explains Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio. “Despite the extensive development, the basic composition of our herbal mixture has not changed. It is the heart of our method.”


What is the herbal mixture made of?

The GREEN PEEL® herbal mixture consists of powdered leaves, flowers, sprouts and roots from selected plants. Six plants play a unique role in the herbal mixture. These are Horsetail, Aloe Vera, Ribwort, Lungwort, Pansy and Marigold. “Some of the herbs have been used as a medicinal plant since the middle ages. For others, their special benefits can only be obtained in combination with other plants. Our GREEN PEEL® herbal mixture represents the sum of our plant knowledge and decades of experience in this field,” adds Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio.


Details of the most important herbs


Horsetail is considered as an extremely unruly weed in your garden – which is probably the reason why it was disregarded for a long time. But horsetail is actually an old medicinal plant. The branched plant reduces inflammation, while it also provides a strengthening and protecting effect. Horsetail contains a lot of silicic acid. It improves the skin’s structure, releases blockages as well as it strengthens and enhances the elasticity of the connective tissues.


Aloe Vera

Its cooling, anti-inflammatory and healing effects often makes Aloe Vera to a popular ingredient in after-sun products. But Aloe Vera has a lot more properties, which makes it so valuable to the GREEN PEEL® herbal mixture. Aloe Vera contains a variety of enzymes, vitamins, oligosaccharides and amino acids. It is soothing and moisturizing.



The plant with the wide, strong leaves is also called plantain or buckhorn. It contains a lot of silicic acid, tannins and minerals. Ribwort boosts the regeneration of damaged cells and accelerates cell growth. The herb contains a secondary plant substance called aucubin, which has an antibacterial effect and reduces irritations. That’s why it is also considered an old home remedy for insect bites.



The small plant with the delicate blossoms is full of surprises. In popular medicine, it was used to treat pulmonary diseases and for external wound healing. Lungwort is rich in silicic acid, tannins and minerals. It supports cell regeneration, causes calluses to peel and has astringent properties. These abilities are what make the plant so important for GREEN PEEL®.



In the past Pansies were known as the “herbs for girls with blemished skin”. Pansies contain carotenoids and salicylic acid derivatives and help with impure, inflamed skin conditions. Wild pansy is a traditional medicinal plant and is recommended for many skin diseases. The calming effect is derived from its grass-like leaves. They facilitate wound healing, relieve itching and have an antibacterial effect.



The plant with the bright yellow-orange coloured blossoms is an old medicinal plant, which has proven as effective, especially in healing wounds. Its blossoms can be found in salves, tinctures and infusions. Marigold does not only help wounds to close, but also can reduce inflammations quickly and has an antibacterial effect. In addition, it activates cell division.


“Nature continues to surprise us with its self-healing powers. With our GREEN PEEL® herbal mixture, we are consciously working with this ability.“

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio

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