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Cleansing ABC

Everybody knows the problem: You are in a hurry in the morning and in the evening, you are too tired and you just don’t feel like it. Exactly, we are talking about facial cleansing. But especially this part of the skin is stressed like no other area of the skin.

We want to look beautiful, fresh and healthy during the day which is also why “women” put on make-up. Furthermore, our skin should certainly protect us from any possible environmental influences. During the night, it’s her duty to regenerate, so that we are shining like the day before on the next morning. This is a tough task if we don’t do anything to support our skin.

Cleansing – the basics for beautiful skin

Incorrect cleansing, either in the morning or evening, can lead to a vicious circle of irritated and impure skin. If the skin is not cleansed in the morning, a film remains on your skin the whole day. This film consists of sebum, sweat and everything the skin emits the whole night. Through this film, the skin is not able not breathe. Additionally, effective day creams cannot develop to their full potential because it is difficult for the ingredients to penetrate into the film and that’s why they remain on it.

Another, even worse, beauty sin is to use no cleanser at night, before going to sleep. In addition to sebum and sweat, there are several environmental influences and of course make-up, which stay on the face. Without an intensive cleansing, you take the “dirt” to bed with you and thus allow it to penetrate into the skin while you sleep and during the actual regeneration phase. This might cause irritations and impurities.

Why your skin should be “freed”

Cleansing on a regular basis is especially needed to support the natural functions of the skin and to prevent skin problems. Once everything is removed, the skin is able to breathe properly. This is important because our skin needs oxygen to work perfectly. According to scientific measurements, the skin supplies itself with oxygen directly from the air – up to a depth of 0,25 to 0,4 millimetres .

For a fresh, healthy and radiant skin a thorough cleansing is an absolute must. The only usage of water is not enough due to the simple fact that water is not able to dissolve grease. It also is very important to use products which are especially adapted to the individual skin type. The selection is diverse: lotion, gel or foam – there is a suitable product for every skin type. In any case, you should use a tonic as a finish, to remove possible remains of the cleansing product and to rebuild the natural acid mantle. After this, the skin is perfectly prepared for the following care.

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