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Radiantly beautiful eyes – Tips for treatment and eye care

The skin around the eyes differs quite substantially from the rest of the facial skin. This very sensitive area of the face should therefore be given special attention.

The skin of the face has a thickness of approx. 1.75-2.5 mm whereas the skin in the eye area is very thin and has a thickness of only 0.5 mm. Plumping subcutaneous fat tissue is completely missing around the eyes and sebaceous and sweat glands are rare. Because of these characteristics, the skin tends to loose humidity and elasticity – signs of fatigue are visible more quickly.

There are also numerous strains for the eye area: screen work, stress, air-conditioned rooms and a lack of sleep can cause the skin to be irritated, dry and appear tired.

The facial muscles around the eyes are also extremely stressed: we blink about 10,000-20,000 times a day which affects 15 of a total of 22 muscles that surround the eye. Winking provides tension and relaxation of the skin around the eyes, which result in visible wrinkles due to insufficient amount of moisture and at the onset of loss of elasticity.

Using effective care, based on you individual needs, a balanced lifestyle and a few tricks, you can achieve a lot. Look out for specially formulated skin care products with the following characteristics:

  • suitable for sensitive skin, low allergy potential which means 100% fragrance-free, free of preservatives and colorants, NO mineral oil
  • no penetrating oil, which may cause eye irritation
  • explicit dermatological tests of skin tolerance
  • with highly concentrated active ingredients, suited for the eye area

Regarding ingredients, eye care should contain effective substances protecting against environmental influences and aggressive free radicals. Moreover, ingredients to strengthen capillaries, improve microcirculation and reduce shadows under the eyes should be included. The genetic disposition to eye shadows is often inherited. The cause is either an increased pigment deposit or decreasing elasticity in the delicate vessel walls – thus, blood is gathered in the dilated capillaries and shines through the very thin skin. In addition, the protection against loss of elasticity and a sufficient moisture supply must not be missed.

Valuable tips and tricks for eye care

  1. Time-out for your eyes: especially working in front of a screen is exhausting for the eyes. Pick a point in the distance and let your eyes wander a few minutes without fixing anything. This will help to relax and recharge your batteries.
  2. Consciously blinking helps to enable the removal of lymph and tear fluid.
  3. Use cleansing products without aggressive surfactants and avoid vigorous rubbing.
  4. Against tired eyes and swelling: apply cooling gel pads or a cold spoon from the refrigerator. Swelling under the eye often is a result from accumulation of water, so avoid too salty and spicy food and too much alcohol.
  5. Particularly in the evening, generously apply some cream on the eye area and incorporate the temple and cheekbone – expression lines appear especially early in this area.
  6. Protection from sun rays: wear sunglasses with proven UV protection according to European standards. This allows you to protect your eyes and prevent blinking lines.

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