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Reducing stress!

Nowadays, being stressed at work, at home or even in your leisure time is almost normal. Actually, positive stress is desirable, as it increases our attention and the performance of our body, without harming it. Stress motivates and increases our productivity, for example when managing tasks successfully. The good experience of mastering a challenge increases your self-esteem to manage the next challenge as good as the one before.

However, too much stress will have a negative impact. A part of our stress is self-made and can thus be avoided. You can find some simple tips here how to counteract.

Five tips to avoid self-made stress

 1. Be aware of your strengths

Unfortunately, we often take look at our weaknesses only. So write down your strengths and you will be amazed how many you have!

2. Avoid negative thoughts

If you can’t stop moping, sit in an upright position and wipe away your negative thoughts with a sweeping hand gesture and a loud “stop”.

3. Stop being annoyed about yourself

And start being calm instead! Write down your anger on a piece of paper and throw it away.

4. You don’t have to – you want to!

You always have the choice what you are doing. Be aware of this freedom!

5. Praise yourself!

Don’t wait to be appreciated by others – sometimes you just have to praise yourself a bit. You deserve it!


The special tip: Music for your soul!

Music awakens feelings and influences our physical condition. It affects the rhythm of our body, hence our heart rate and pulse. Breathing rhythm, oxygen consumption and metabolism react the same way. Even our sensation of pain is affected. Simply relax with some good music and a cup of tea!



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