Skincare tips

Tips for refreshing your skin this Spring

Your skin looks a bit tired, the skin tone is pale or even spotty? Than you urgently need a boost of energy. With these tips, you prepare your skin for spring.

Perfect match – Water and Lemon

We notice how important water is, when we have not consumed enough. We feel faint, have headaches and cannot concentrate that well anymore. At least 1.5 litres of water should be drunk each day, begin before breakfast.

Tip: Drink a glass of water with the liquid of half a lemon on an empty stomach. The boost of vitamin C provides a firm and fresh skin and it stimulates your metabolism.

Raw food

Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are not only healthy, they make beautiful, too. Studies of the Berlin Charité indicate that vitamins and trace elements taken up with food can quickly store in the skin and have an anti-oxidant effect there. Researchers have developed procedures in which they were able to demonstrate that an increase of free radical neutralizers (antioxidants) in the tissue can be observed just a few hours after the consumption of carrots & co. The reason: They are transported into the skin through the metabolism. This was equally proven: Humans with a high value of antioxidants in the skin have a firmer and thus younger skin than those with a lower value.

These 3 smoothies make your skin glow:
– Blend two fresh kale leaves with two peeled oranges and some ginger
– Mix half a raw beetroot with an unpeeled apple and some fresh horseradish
– Blend two tomatoes, two carrots and the juice of one lemon

Warm or cold?

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to facial cleansing. While some people prefer warm water, others think cold water is stimulating. One thing is certain: Too warm or even hot water removes moisture and lipids from the skin. That’s why the face should be cleansed always and only with lukewarm water. And the side effects with cold water? They provide rosy cheeks and a good blood circulation. Therefore: After cleansing, treat your skin more often with a cold shiver.

Going out!

As soon as spring starts, go outside, take a deep breath and feel the awakening nature with all your senses. A walk in the forest or in the park is good for the soul and for the skin a true fountain of youth. The fresh air lets the skin revive and the more oxygen it receives the younger and fresher it looks. The biggest amount of oxygen is absorbed through the lungs, but one part also through the skin and with it into the upper layers of the skin. One more reason for a beauty-walk.

Freshness to the fullest – Herbal Care Lotion

In the daily care routine, the Herbal Care Lotion by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek is essential. After cleansing, the soft and delicately fragranced Herbal Lotion calms and refreshes the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. The very mild Herbal Care Lotion is also suitable for sensitive skin. Its stimulating effect is based solely on the natural ingredients of marigold, yarrow and melissa. Besides plant extracts, the product contains a very high amount of panthenol and provides for a pleasant skin sensation. Moreover, it soothes the skin once it has been exposed to too much sun. Herbal Care Lotion refreshes directly, the skin looks healthy and bright.

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