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Tea and cosmetics – These types of tea support your beauty

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Black, green, white or red – there’s hardly any limit regarding the variety of different types of tea. Drinking tea is healthy. But tea is not only good for us from the inside. Applied from the outside, it can also have a positive effect on our skin.


Green Tea

Green tea plays a significant role in cosmetics. Thanks to its calming effect it can, among other things, reduce skin irritations. Cotton pads dipped in warm green tea serve as a quick help for reddened skin. Furthermore, green tea contains a high amount of zinc. A couple of cups a day are already sufficient to prevent pimples and skin impurities. This works due to the antibacterial and pore refining properties of the tanning agents contained. In addition, green tea has revitalizing, purifying and slightly anti-inflammatory properties and is known as a strong antioxidant. This way, green tea makes you beautiful from the in- and outside.


White tea

White tea is a not as known as green tea. It is considered one of the finest and most valuable types of tea in the world. In China, it has been known for many centuries. On the one hand, it is said that this tea has healing, health-promoting and life-prolonging forces. On the other hand, the manufacturing of the tee is very complex. In contrast to green tea, white tea does not consist of all parts of the tea plant, but only of the youngest leaves of the still unopened buds. For one kilo of white tea, 30.000 buds are required which are picked by hand. The manufacturing of the tea is a very gentle process because a lot of work is carried out by hand. This complex production also explains the high price. Its name comes from the bright, silky fluff of its buds. Special reference should be made to the high content of polyphenol. These are highly effective antioxidants that render free radicals harmless, protect against premature skin aging and strengthen the immune system to. You can find polyphenols also in green tea, but in white tea the concentration is up to five times higher which makes it more effective.

On hot days we recommend filling white tea in an empty spray bottle and refrigerate. Spray daily after cleansing on face, neck and cleavage. It works like a delicate, gentle mini lifting and refreshes at the same time.


Tea is not only for the face a great care product. Even as a hair conditioner it is an excellent choice. To enhance the natural shine of your hair, use cooked and then cooled black for dark hair. For blond hair, chamomile tea should be used. Rinse your hair with your chosen tea after your usual wash routine.

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