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Tips for a firm throat and a beautiful cleavage

Throat and cleavage are very important for us women. We decorate our throat with beautiful necklaces and draw attention to our cleavage with the help of clothes. However, in most cases, the care of these two skin parts is often neglected or completely forgotten. But we should pay more attention to especially these parts. Throat and cleavage reveal our true age – similar to our hands.

A sensitive area

The skin of our throat and cleavage is softer, thinner and more sensitive than the skin of the rest of our body. There are hardly any subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands, the skin tends to be dry and build wrinkles. For this reason, our cleavage needs more protection and care, especially against environmental influences.

Always in motion

All day long, our throat is in motion. The skin here loses its tension much faster because of permanent head movement. The cleavage is also stressed during the night. Side sleepers often have the typical décolleté wrinkles. These creasing wrinkles are a result of pressing the skin while sleeping.

Beware of the sun

Both parts of the body belong to the sun exposed areas of the body, which means that they are often directly touched by the sun. This is why the cleavage is often called sun terrace. UV rays are one of the most important topics concerning skin aging. We find sun rays extremely pleasant and also would like to have a tanned skin appearance; however the light-induced aging multiplies many times the normal skin aging. Care creams for our cleavage should therefore absolutely contain UV protection to prevent premature skin aging.

Daily care

Normally, daily skin care focuses on our face, nevertheless throat and cleavage should also be included. However, the skin of these parts has other demands than the one in our face. It needs richer creams, which provide fats as well as moisture. Furthermore, it should also contain regenerating, tightening and firming ingredients. For this reason, you should use special care products that have been developed for your throat and your cleavage.

Special products – peelings, masks, serums and ampoules

To keep the skin of throat and cleavage attractive, you can also use special products beside your daily skin care. Peelings can be used once a week to free your skin from dead skin cells. Furthermore, the subsequent care products can be absorbed more intensely after a peeling. However, you should use soft peelings, such as mechanical peelings with fine abrasive particles or enzyme peelings which do not irritate the skin mechanically. Once a week, the skin of your throat and cleavage can also be pampered with a mask.

Serums or ampoules can be used as a treatment or even daily. These highly concentrated care products provide the skin of throat and cleavage with active ingredients.

The right creaming technique

Even a proper technique in creaming can support your skin. If you apply your care products from bottom to top, you support your skin in its fight against gravity. You can also stimulate the blood flow by massaging in the cream.

Don’t forget your neck

If you want to take perfect care of your throat and cleavage, you should not only care of the front area, but also the neck. Most of us do only cream until the middle of the throat. However, the neck is also important for a beautiful throat area. Wrinkles in the neck do automatically lead to wrinkles on the throat. So never forget to cream your neck!

Support by cosmetic professionals

Individual special treatments for throat and cleavage can be done by a cosmetic professional. The treatments, ranging from moisturizing to regenerating, are customized to exactly meet the individual requirements of your skin. Not only peelings, serums and masks support your skin in winning new elasticity and softness during a cosmetic throat and cleavage treatment. But also the effect of a massage is very helpful here.

Creaming only is not enough

It takes a lot more than creaming to have and keep a beautiful cleavage. It already starts with a well-fitting bra. It helps to make the décolleté look good and relieves its skin tissue. This is very important for larger bust sizes, as the pull of gravity is much bigger. Sport also helps a lot to keep the cleavage tight. Regular workout of the pectoral muscle is very important and appears like a push-up. Warm and cold showers have several positive effects – they tighten the connective tissue, stimulate blood circulation and provide a fresh skin complexion.



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