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Well-groomed hands – our business card

Our hands show a lot about us: Our age, our job, and what else we are doing with them. We gesticulate, communicate and touch things with them. Hands play an essential role in every situation; often they give the first impression. Therefore it is absolutely important that they are well-groomed.

Hand-washing is very important for hygiene. Soap and water also prevent the transmission of colds as viruses and bacteria get into the mucous membrane by the Hands.

Creaming is very essential for your hand care

It is absolutely necessary to cream your hands after washing. Talking of creaming: as our hands are steadily uncovered, they are daily unprotected exposed to sun, wind and weather. That is the reason why they age much faster than other parts of the body. To counter this, hands should be moisturized again and again. Regular creaming should be part of the daily routine. It is recommended to use a caring pack once a week. To do this, you can apply a rich cream thick, rub it into the skin and put a cotton glove on. Allow to take effect for 20 minutes and remove the remaining caring pack with cleansing tissues.

Paraffin wax – an insider tip

A special care tip: A paraffin bath at the aesthetician. The warm wax wraps the skin like an air-impermeable glove, opens its pores and the skin begins to sweat. Thanks to the paraffin layer around the skin, moisture cannot escape and is rather absorbed again by the skin. This makes the skin extremely smooth and soft. If ointments and creams are massaged into the skin before the treatment, the effect of the paraffin bath can be increased. The ingredients are absorbed deeply into the skin, provide intensive care and make the skin soft and smooth.

Nails are very important for well-groomed hands. If they are neither too long nor too short, beautifully filed and eventually covered with colorless nail varnish, they always look perfectly cared.

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