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Hair care in the summer

Cream, cream, cream – that is the motto during the summer. In summer time, we pay a lot of attention to our skin. But what about our hair?

Especially in the summer, our hair is exposed to a lot of stress, from UV radiation over salt water to strong winds. The consequence is dry and dull hair without radiance.

What can you do to protect your hair?

Generally, you can say “well protected is half maintained”. So protect your hair from UV rays by wearing a hat, hair cloth or cap. But not only UV rays dry out and bleach out the hair. Salt water also may attack the hair, by withdrawing moisture and oil. For this reason, you should necessarily rinse your hair with fresh water after bathing in salt water.

The right hairstyle

Even wind may dry out your hair because it acts like a hair dryer. Moisture is taken from your hair while at the same time it gets “roughened”. To present a smaller target for the wind, you should put up or braid your hair. Don’t forget to hide the hair ends because these are the “oldest” parts of the hair and are thus particularly sensitive. The ends of shoulder-length hair are already 3 years old. Accordingly, they have experienced a lot and should be treated with care. If your hair is wet, you should pay extra attention to not tying it up too tight because it can be damaged by the pressure at the dents. It is much better to hold the hair with a large clip. Before washing your hair, don’t forget to detangle with a wide comb.

 Hair care products for the summer

The selection of hair care products is large, ranging from shampoos and conditioners up to hair oils. When buying hair care products in the summer, pay attention to the sun protection factor. Furthermore, products for damaged and dry hair are very well suited for hair care in the summer as they offer an extra-rich treatment and provide stressed hair with the moisture it needs.

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