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Well-groomed feet

Summer is finally about to come and the warm days are back. We wear shorts, skirts, dresses and open shoes. But this is where the problem starts. Most of us know: during the cold winter period, we covert our feet in socks and winter shoes and did not really care about our feet. Nevertheless, well-groomed feet are the Alpha and Omega, if you want to “shine” with open shoes.

There are two options how to get our feet back into shape. Either treating oneself to a professional pedicure in an institute or you have to do it yourself.

Who wants to do it oneself, should follow these advices:

  1. Footbath: Treat your feet with a relaxing footbath, either with a readily mixed addition or with an essential oil. Bath your feet approx. 15 minutes. In summer, the water can be slightly cooler, this additionally refreshes.
  2. Foot peeling: Apply the peeling with circular movement. Afterwards, wash off with water and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes. The first cornea scales are removed, a good preparation for the next step.
  3. Remove cornea: Remove the cornea with a special cornea file, this one is larger and usually has two different grain sizes. Take the rough side for the grossly removal of the cornea at the heel, ball and other difficult cornified areas. Take the fine side for the final touch.
  4. Cut and file nails into shape: Cut your nails with nail scissors, nail clippers or a file. Who uses the scissors or the clipper, should additionally take the file to smooth the nails. What is important: Always cut the nails straight and round off the corners, otherwise there is a risk of nails growing in.
  5. Remove cuticle and push it back gently: Push the cuticle back gently with the help of a so-called “hoof stick” or a rosewood skewer. Excess cuticle can be removed with a cuticle clippers.
  6. Cream your feet: Treat your feet with a moisturizing foot cream. For dry skin and torn heels, take an extremely rich cream.
  7. Polish your nails: Who wants to polish the nails directly afterwards, remember to degrease the nails before applying the nail polish, otherwise it won’t stay well on your nails. Give a few drops of alcohol from the pharmacy or nail polish remover on a cotton pad and lightly clean the nail. Furthermore, it is important to use a base coat under every nail polish. The base coat protects the nails from discolourations and forms an optimal basis. After that, apply the nail polish, usually in two layers for an even look. To extend the durability, apply a top coat at the end.

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