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Coconut oil – the all-round talent for hair and skin

Virgin coconut oil is a miracle cure for body care and health because of its variety in application. It is optimally suited for hair and skin care and as food supplements or for cooking and baking. It is important to use coconut oil of high organic quality only. This ensures that you only use unbleached, hydrogenated coconut oil from controlled cultivation. But what exactly makes coconut oil so healthy?

Coconut oil and its effect

Coconut oil contains several valuable ingredients which are healthy for our body. Above all, lauric acid strengthens the immune system and combats bacteria and viruses. Coconut oil does not only contain numerous minerals and trace elements, but also much vitamin B and E as well as performance-enhancing amino acids. Its antioxidant, antibacterial and antimycotic effect makes it very healthy – from the inside as well as from the outside!

Coconut oil for kitchen use

Coconut oil is particularly suitable for cooking and baking because of its high heat resistance. Its decent taste can be used for preparing soups and sauces, or for making pastries and desserts such as cakes and muffins. Its smoke point of 234°C makes it very heat resistant and does not build any dangerous substances when heated excessively. Furthermore, coconut oil contains fewer calories than most other plant oils. Another good reason to go for coconut oil!

Coconut oil in cosmetics

Pure coconut oil from controlled cultivation is an absolute “must-have” for all lovers of natural cosmetics. It is ideal for the natural care of skin and hair because it does not contain any chemicals, emulsifiers or preservatives. Coconut oil provides moisture, regenerates and gives a great shine, when applied to the hair overnight. Many people also do not want to miss it in their daily skin care – the skin becomes velvety, soft and smooth. The antibacterial lauric acid helps against skin impurities, herpes and bacterial infections. Furthermore, coconut oil can be used as lip care or as skin care for sensitive, dry skin. Thanks to its calming effect, it can even reduce focuses of inflammations, psoriasis or sun burns.

It is recommended to use coconut oil only overnight for both, skin and hair care, and clean the affected parts thoroughly afterwards to remove the greasy film. Often, it is necessary to have several hair washes to remove the grease residues completely.

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