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Differences between sugaring and waxing

Sugaring and waxing

Nowadays, there are many different methods to remove annoying body hair. One of the most common methods has been used for several hundred years. It comes from the Orient and actually enjoys new popularity: Sugaring. In addition to classic waxing, sugaring is currently the most frequently applied method for hair removal.

Sugaring – Hair removal with sugar paste

Sugaring is performed with a sugar paste, which is also called Halawa in the Arabian region. The sugar paste is made of all-natural ingredients: sugar, lemon juice and water. Therefore, sugaring is particularly suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Sugaring is a particularly thorough type of hair removal. The reason is basically because the sugar paste is applied against the direction of the hair growth and pulled off with it. With this technique, less hair breaks and rather removed with the root.

Besides, the skin reacts with less irritation to the depilation with this technique.

Waxing – Hair removal with wax

During the waxing process, body hair is removed with the help of hot or cold wax. For this method you also need fleece stripes to remove the wax from the skin. The wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth, the fabric stripe is placed on the skin and withdrawn against the direction of the hair growth.

Comparing Sugaring and Waxing

Both methods seem to be very similar, but different techniques of applying and removing the pastes, make the noticeable difference. Many people perceive the sugaring technique as less painful, since only the hair is covered from the sugar paste and is not combined with the skin.

The optimum length of hair

If you want to use the sugaring technique, the hair can be removed from a length of 0,3 cm. For dewaxing the hair, on the other hand, it should have a length of 0,5 cm. Therefore, the sugaring method can be applied earlier than the waxing method.

Differences in application

The sugar paste can be used already from approximately 35°C, so it does not have to be heated, the body heat is sufficient. Wax, however, can only be used from approximately 40°C which always carries a small risk of burns. An advantage of the classic wax is that it has to be applied only once. This saves time. The sugar paste has to be rubbed in intensively. Therefore, sugaring takes a little bit longer than waxing. The removal of the residues is much easier after sugaring, because the sugar paste is water-soluble. Wax, however, is predominantly oil-soluble.

Preparing for Waxing and Sugaring

Whether you decide in favour of sugaring or waxing, you have to keep a few things in mind before using both methods. On the day of depilation, the skin should not be creamed. Otherwise, both, the sugar paste and the wax, would not be able to grab the hair and can influence the result. Furthermore, you should not get tanned 24 hours in advance, so that the skin is not irritated.

Post treatment of the skin

For post treatments of both methods cooling gels or soothing care lotions without perfumes are suitable to prevent irritations. For the next 24 hours visits to the tanning booth and sunbathing should be avoided, as the skin is irritated and needs to calm down first. Even sweaty sports should be avoided in this time because the sweat can also irritate the skin. Avoid deodorants for this time as well if you have depilated your armpits. After three days, a mild scrub is recommended because it reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

Sugaring and waxing – do it yourself?

Generally, it is possible to sugar or to wax your body by yourself. But this includes taking some practice for achieving a good result. However, some parts of the body are difficult or even impossible to remove the hair yourself. Furthermore, you will need more time than a professional. To get a really good result in the shortest possible time, a visit to the specialist or a skilled person is recommended. Because there’s a reason for the saying “Practice makes perfect”.

Recipe to do it yourself

You can find many recipes on the Internet to make the sugar paste yourself. The realization appears to be quite simple. However, those who have dealt with the topic of sugaring in detail will soon notice that it is not as easy as it may seem. That’s actually why there are so many different consistencies of the sugar paste to be found in the professional field. Various factors, such as room temperature or body heat, have to be considered when choosing the consistency.

With waxing, it’s actually quite different. For hair removal with wax, the wax cannot be easily produced yourself. You have to buy the wax from the drugstore or specialty shop. The only decision to make is whether to use cold wax stripes or hot wax.


Which method may be less painful usually depends on the individual perception. But the more often you perform the depilation, the more pleasant is the treatment. The hair grows thinner after depilation and thus can be removed better. One thing is certain, after both methods you are guaranteed free of hair!

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